Benefits of Coenzyme Q10 by Dr. Gaj

The European Journal of Heart Failure published data on a ten year study on CoQ10. The results that patients taking 100mg of CoQ10, three times per day were: – Significantly less likely to die from heart failure – Less than half as likely to have a major adverse cardiac event during the study period compared with control subjects. -CoQ10 is an antioxidant that improves endothelial function (the thin layer of cells lining arteries that control blood flow and pressure); decrease blood pressure in hypertensive patients; and reduces heart attack damage. Studies show that CoQ10 doses of 100-120 mg/day decease total arrhythmias and other cardiac events, increased left ventricular function, and reduced death rate from repeat heart attacks. CoQ10 also shows promise in cancer prevention. Early studies have shown the following: -CoQ10 along with vitamin B6 boosted the function of cancer fighting immune cells. -CoQ10 supressed development of precancerous lesions in aninimal models of colon cancer -CoQ10 increased median actual survival by more than 40% in patients with a variety of end-stage cancers. CoQ10 has multiple brain protective effects. Early studies show positive results in patients with early and mild parkinson’s. Doses of 360 mg/daay produced moderate reduction in symptom scores while 1200 mg/day appeared to slow functional decline in those with early disease. To read the complete article, check out Life Extensions 4/14, the author is by Bradley Tompkins

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